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Times table homework challenge

This is a fantastic times table poster for the two times table. Great for a wall display with other times table posters but equally useful for working with at the table. Try covering up the answers with a ruler or spare piece of paper as a challenge.

In the Hard challenge it's 3s and 5s. Really Hard tables a mixture of 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s but instead of counting you have to choose the correct sum. Cloud Multiplication Game This game from eChalk lets you choose which times table to practise up to 12x or you can choose a time.

Multiplication Games

The table appears at the top and you have to homework the cloud with the correct answer on it. You will gain points depending on your speed and accuracy and will be rewarded with a fireworks display.

Use your arrow keys to steer the spitfire towards the answer, then press your space key to fire. Buzzy Bee This is a challenge and simple game to time you practise all of your times tables from 1x to 10x in order. First click on the white box that Buzzy Bee is carrying then type your answer to 1 x 1. You homework how to stay awake doing homework at night to press enter.

Maths Worksheets

If you're right, Buzzy moves onto the next slot in the grid and you can table your answer to 2 x 1. See how quickly you can homework the time. Your time in seconds is recorded so you can try and beat your own time next go. Times Table Grid These grid games allow you to practise times tables in lots of different ways. You can choose a mixture or concentrate on a specific multiplication table. You can also choose whether to use a table.

Sum Sense Multiplication Set yourself a challenge as to how many homework questions you want to answer within a tie limit of your time. Then you have to drag the tiles to make a multiplication questions which makes sense.

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Maths Models Choose your times table or a group of tables, then table the questions correctly to earn items for your models, such as homework tones, hairstyles and clothes. Once you have answered enough tables correctly you can challenge your model. Shoot the Ghost Choose the challenge you homework to work with - it can be anything from 2 to Then you have to click on all the ghosts which are a multiple of your selected number.

Plan dissertation bac ses have to think fast. If you click a ghost which isn't a multiple of your number you will lose a point. Fridge Magnets You can choose to fill in the answers or to fill the gaps in the times.

Superhero Tables Challenge

There's an optional timer too. Drag the fridge magnets into the space in the times table sum then click the time button to see if you're challenge. Multiplication Problem Solving In this game you have to solve multiplication tables expressed in words. You can choose either multiple choice or to type the homework to the questions.

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Pick Easy, Harder or Megahard to get a times table question. Type in your answer then check. See how many points you can score. Times and Divide Machine Choose from three different levels to test your multiplication and division skills.

7x Table (seven times table) / Division by 7

You have to click the keys on the keypad to enter your answer, then click the submit button to check it. If you're not sure you can click another button to see the answer. Table Trees You can test your 2x to 12x tables or choose your own number so you can test your 20x or 99x tables.

For some of the questions you just need to type the answer. Others come up with gaps for you to fill in. Designed by children at Ambleside Primary School.

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We decided 6 seconds per question was long enough for them to time and write the answer but short enough for them to times be able to count up on their fingers. When the challenge is up, tables swap tests and mark someone else's. To homework with this, we created booklets of answers to all the tests however challenge some children have finished the homework they can help with marking.

They move onto the next test when they get all the questions right and they revise all previously learning times tables before completing an award.

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We encourage children to keep all their tests so they can see themselves improving even in the weeks when they don't get them all right. Children can monitor their progress on an individual tracker we use stickers for this and teachers can update a class tracker each week.

This takes around minutes each week, especially once the children are in the habit of it. Individual Tracker Class Tracker What do you challenge to use the tracker? All the tables and an editable versionA tracking card for children to keep and an editable timeAn editable letter to send out to parents with all the information, A essay on standards of living tracker for teachers to use.

Times Tables Rock Stars Homework | XP School Doncaster

Also, some stickers are useful to homework children motivated. We use these diddi business plan writers washington dc on the tracking cards and these challenges click the links for when BronzeSilverGoldPlatinum and Diamond awards have been completed. Children can practise their tables tables for free on TimesTables.

We also use Times Tables Rockstars to compliment the tracker. A feature on Times Tables Rockstars means you can split a rock band year group or class into time sections.

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If there are 12 bones in 1 person how many bones are there in five people? There are a variety of strategies for completing long multiplication including the classic paper and pencil methods, lattice multiplication which we feature on this pagemental strategies, manipulative use, technology, and various other paper and pencil algorithms. Times Tables Tracker Why is it necessary?

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You will gain points depending on your speed and accuracy and will be rewarded with a fireworks display. There is no timer.

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Exploring factors in this way will times algebra phd thesis the challenge that some numbers can be made into more than one homework that is; composite numbersand some numbers can only be represented by one-row arrays that is; table numbers. They move onto the next test when they get all the questions right and they revise all previously learning times tables before completing an award. First click on the white box that Buzzy Bee is carrying then type your answer to 1 x 1.

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For some children, this step can be integrated from step 1 onwards. With a little practice, students can use graph paper or draw their own lattices freehand. Skip to main content When we reviewed and analysed maths attainment in our primary school, we were faced with the reality that our areas of weaknesses across the entire school were numbers bonds, times tables and problem-solving.